Book Review: A Stolen Crown (Stolen Royals, #2) by Kelsey Keating

33299061.jpgTitle: A Stolen Crown
Author: Kelsey Keating
Publisher: Swanifide Publishing
Pub Date: January 17, 2017
Format: Kindle eBook
Pages: 307
Source: NetGalley
Genre(s): YA, Fantasy, Romance
Rating: ★★★
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Synopsis from Goodreads:

A stolen crown. An unbreakable friendship. One big mess in the making.

When Princess Cecily Degalt travels south to wed a prince she’s never met, she’s ushered into a strange new world alongside her best friend and bodyguard, Rory Castille. With an MIA fiancé, his handsome twin brother, and a kidnapping gone wrong, life in Myrzel isn’t quite what Cecily expected.

Rory will do anything to keep Cecily from harm–but when Rory’s darkest secret comes between her and Cecily, the greatest danger to the princess might be Rory herself.

Torn apart for the first time, each girl will have to think like the other as she faces not only the darkness of Fangralee Forest, but a dangerous enemy closer to home.

My mini-review:

I received this ARC from the publisher via NetGalley. This is an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As you can tell by the synopsis, A Stolen Crown sounds very similar to a lot of other YA fantasy books. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but it might be the reason why I didn’t enjoy this book as much I hoped to. Since I’ve read so many books like this one, I guess I was just hoping for something new to be brought to the table. Unfortunately, that metaphorical table is the same as it has always been.

I love the whole storyline about clashing kingdoms, convenient marriages, forbidden love, kickass girls (and strong female friendships), but I feel like this book fell short in all of these departments. It did incorporate all the elements I love but everything felt so ordinary and uninvolved. I felt no connection to any of the characters. Seriously. Not even an ounce of hate for the annoying characters. I just found it hard to care about anyone in this book, and that really dampened the reading process for me. Perhaps it’s time I take a break from this genre.

The story is perfectly fine but it is not my cup of tea. If you like the things I mentioned above, I am sure you will enjoy it more than I did. I hope you do!

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