About the Author

If you clicked on this page, you probably want to learn more about me… That’s pretty cool! I am absolutely terrible at writing about myself but I will drop 15 quick facts here to satisfy your curiosity. Please accept my apology in advance.

1) My name is Layla, but it wasn’t always that (so mysterious).
2) I have been existing for 27 years. It’s okay so far.
3) Home is wherever my bookshelves are. That place used to be Vancouver, Canada.
4) I currently live in Western New York with my husband and puppy.
5) I’ve wanted to be a published author for as long as I can remember.
6) I am a huge fan of libraries!
7) I apologize a lot but I don’t think that’s because I’m Canadian. I’m just sorry. Always.
8) My favourite colour is green. All kinds of green.
9) Sunsets fuel my soul. Everything is better when the sun goes down.
10) The moon is a close friend of mine.
11) I laugh at inappropriate times. Am I chuckling to myself right now? Maybe.
12) Half of my heart is dedicated to fictional villains.
13) I have an unhealthy obsession with pugs.
14) If you’re still reading this, that’s surprising. Am I actually an interesting person?
15) My favourite number is 15. Obviously.

Feel free to ask me anything else you would like to know!